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The Finest Retirement Communities in , . Skip to Content

The Finest Retirement Community in ,

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Luxury Retirement Communities

Look no further for a luxury retirement community! At Koelsch retirement communities, we create happiness by providing the finest living experiences anywhere.

Discover the finest senior living communities in
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This Place Is For You

Enjoy all the comforts of home with none of the hassles in our senior living community designed especially for you. At Koelsch, we've crafted a vibrant lifestyle—rich in experiences, abundant in friendship, and exquisitely appointed with the best amenities and services—for our ladies and gentlemen to enjoy.

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Carefree Days

In a Koelsch 55+ community, you'll discover an environment where you can thrive. You can spend carefree days with friends on the golf course, enjoying restaurant-style meals, lively social activities, and dining on the veranda—with all of your needs catered to by our professional, compassionate, and dedicated staff. Our retirement community is crafted to offer you a refined, independent lifestyle with all of the assistance you may need.

Health & Well-being


With 24-hour on-site licensed nurses and a professional senior care team, your health and well-being are our top priority. We're committed to providing quick access to medical care as well as an engaging environment for you to live your best life.

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Recharge with Respite Care

For family caregivers in need of a break, our senior living communities offer short-term respite care as an alternative to expensive home care. Your loved one will enjoy all the living services our community has to offer during their stay while you take the time you need to recharge.

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Where The Heart Is

More than just a nursing home or “residences,” our apartment suites for senior living in are homes in the truest sense for those who dwell in our communities. Each open floor plan provides an extraordinary blend of contemporary craftsmanship and modern elegance that is sure to impress. Even more impressive, our attentive staff will see to all the maintenance and chores so that you can spend your days as you choose.

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Adventure Calls

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Where Will
Today Take You?

When adventure calls, make sure to sign up for one of many excursions utilizing our transportation services, enjoy a weekend trip with your close friends in the Travel Club, or set out for the day and explore somewhere new. Our Town Car service puts downtown , , at your fingertips seven days a week. Typical offerings might include visits to local shopping centers, experiencing cultural and sporting events, fine dining, and more. Our senior living communities are designed to embrace adventure!

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Fun With Friends

Explore the Parlour to get together and enjoy a special time with friends. Whether a spirited time enjoying billiards, a competitive game of Monopoly, or a stimulating hand of bridge, the Parlour bustles with fun for all who partake. Afterward, take in a classic movie at Marion's theater, where you can sit back and put your feet up to enjoy buttery popcorn and a soda with a friend.

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Koelsch Communities

Dine Like Royalty

Laughter rings out above the hubbub of conversation as a mouth-watering aroma fills the room. Our Royal Chef has been working his magic again, combining the freshest and finest ingredients into dishes you'll look back on and remember with a satisfied smile.

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“Wow!” you and your tablemates exclaim with excitement as each tantalizing plate arrives at your table. In our elegant dining room, surrounded by friends, meals at Koelsch are an occasion for celebration, a treat for the senses, and nourishment for the soul.


Our Royal Chef, Darren McGrady, instills our menus with his creativity and world-class techniques—working hand-in-hand with the Koelsch culinary team to meet an exacting standard of cuisine. These memorable dining experiences add layers of luxury, quintessential to Koelsch Communities, as we bring you the finest living experience anywhere.

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Staying Active

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Find Your Glow

We know you take your health seriously, and staying active is easy in a Koelsch community. With curated opportunities for an active lifestyle, you may find yourself as the captain of the beanbag baseball team or enjoying a guided Yoga class, all available at your convenience.

Along with personal training offered outdoors, in the pool, or in our on-campus fitness center, each of our communities offers a health & wellness clinic providing guidance for healthy living. A licensed nurse will be available to answer questions and help you make the most of your healthy lifestyle as an older adult.

Let Us Do The Heavy Lifting


There is no need to postpone your coffee date just to straighten up your suite—we'll take care of it while you're out. Don’t worry about breaking a sweat (or the TV) trying to hang a picture or add a TV to your bedroom. We’ve got you covered! Our community’s housekeeping services and on-site handyman are here so you can keep your day free to enjoy with your friends.

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Your Home Is Your Castle

Our senior living community combines advanced safety systems with an engaging environment that focuses on security. We put safety first, balanced with a focus on providing autonomy and an active lifestyle for our ladies and gentlemen we serve in our independent living, assisted living, and memory care communities.

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Four Legs, Zero Problems

Our pet-friendly communities offer a safe haven from your worries and cares—yes, that's right, we love pets! We recognize that our furry friends have so much to offer. They strengthen self-esteem, eliminate loneliness, and encourage activity—all things we appreciate at Koelsch.


Experiences await you in

Brighten up an early morning with delicious eats at {{local-breakfast-place}} before a round of golf at {{nearby-golf-course}}. Find your local friends hanging out at {{local-community-center}} and then enjoy the outdoors at {{nearby-park}}. is the place to be—and your four-legged best friend will be wagging their tail at {{nearby-dog-park}} or any of the community parks nearby.

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Explore all Koelsch Communities

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