About Us

With 60 years of signature service to families, Koelsch Communities is proud to remain family owned and operated for three generations. Our continued success is compelled by our founding principles as we strive to serve our residents with respect, dignity, and compassion…“We are ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen.”

The Koelsch Communities story began in 1958. Our first community was a nursing home located in Kelso, Washington. It was here that our founders, Emmett and Alice Koelsch, established our family’s commitment to excellence in senior care.

To provide the best possible care for their residents, Emmett and Alice moved their entire family into the basement of the community. Growing up, each member of the Koelsch household was trained in all facets of quality senior care and benefited by the rich relationships developed with their senior residents. Emmett and Alice instilled in their five children the philosophy: “Treat each resident with the respect and dignity they deserve.”

Celebrating 60 Years!

At Koelsch Communities we are big on celebrating the important occasions. With that in mind we proudly announce the 60th Anniversary of Koelsch Communities in the senior living industry. 

With pride, I trace our beginnings back to 1958 when my parents, Emmett and Alice, risked everything to enter this fledging industry. They purchased a small, empty nursing home, and having no experience but a lot of determination and grit, they blazed a trail that all of their children followed. They were proud in 1988 to see my wife Judy and I follow in their footsteps and build our first community, and I believe they would be proud if they could see where Koelsch Communities is headed today. The past has not always been easy, and the future will have its challenges, but Koelsch Communities will continue to honor our family name and our legacy in the senior housing industry. 

Aaron Koelsch,
President & CEO

How It Makes Us Different

With sixty years of experience in senior care, Koelsch Communities is proud to remain family owned and operated. Aaron Koelsch, who grew up in that first nursing home, leads the company with his lifetime of experience and passion for excellence. Today, our family business has become known across eight states, bringing excellence of care to over 1,500 residents and their families.

Each Independent, Assisted Living and Memory Care community is meticulously designed, by owner and lead designer Judy Koelsch, to support and encourage residents living with the challenges of aging and memory loss. In fact, Koelsch Communities is one of the nation’s few assisted living communities specifically licensed as a freestanding dementia care community.

Our Assisted Living and Memory Care programs are front-runners in the Senior Living industry because we train and employ a licensed nurse onsite 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Having clinical nurses involved with every aspect of resident care, including health assessments and direct communication with physicians or medical caregivers, keeps residents safe and family members at ease knowing that true professionals are directing the care for their loved ones. This also allows us to offer unique Short Term and Respite opportunities as a supplement to in home care. Koelsch Communities has developed the Living Well Program, a distinct training for staff that instills special significance in every interaction with a resident.

The original philosophy of Koelsch Communities still stands after six decades. Our family continues to operate under its founding principles and strives to serve our seniors with respect, dignity and compassion...our family serving yours

How Koelsch Communities is different

Style, Class, and Elegance – David & Judy

JSK Design is an American interior design company affiliated with Koelsch Communities that has brought style, class, and elegance to a growing number of senior communities across the country. At JSK, interior design is more than a look—it’s the birthplace of how we experience spaces. Interior Design is a powerful, essential part of our daily lives that affects how we live, work, play, and especially heal.

Judy Koelsch, Owner and Principal Designer of JSK, has made it the company's mission to emotionally connect with people through design and decor. To do so, Judy has put her knowledge of textiles, materials, color, space, and countless other design elements to work in a way that brings natural beauty, a feel of local flavor, history, and culture to each community JSK handles. Together, with Lead Designer David Goularte, Judy has created communities designed to the highest standards for nearly 30 years.

David Goularte came to JSK with a robust career in design that began in 1968. Since then, David has gained notoriety for blending his acute eye for style with a level of refinement, quality and integrity that has landed him in a class of his own.  Over his 55 year career, David has designed everything from residential to commercial spaces, but has found the creative flexibility of designing senior communities with JSK to be the most rewarding. David’s design career has been met with robust praise, landing him featured articles in numerous design publications such as House Beautiful and Luxe Interiors + Design. When David’s at work, his goal is to bring continuity to the community, creating a seamless flow from entrance to exit.

Today, Judy and David thrive in an industry that is changing, growing, and giving them new challenges and inspiration. As Koelsch Communities grows into new regions, JSK continues to honor those regions by embracing design that captures the local beauty, history, and distinction.