Protecting Our Residents

As the COVID-19 crisis has changed the lives of so many people around the world, it has also impacted all aspects of how our communities operate, care for, and serve our residents. Prior to this pandemic, Koelsch Communities had in place an Infection Control and Prevention program based upon the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention guidance for long-term care communities. Starting in February 2020, we significantly expanded the program to continue to protect our communities and fight the spread of this virus.


  • Securing the entrance to the community and limiting visitors to only those medically necessary, including hospice and one visitor per shift for any resident nearing end of life. No visitors under the age of 18 are permitted.
  • Implementing screening protocols for all residents, team members, and essential visitors. Every person who enters our community is screened for temperature, potential symptoms of illness, recent travel history, and possible exposure to the virus.
  • Conducting temperature and comprehensive COVID-19 symptoms checks on residents supporting our independent residents who may want us to complete this assessment on their behalf.
  • Reinforcing community cleaning protocols and completing professional sanitation throughout the community as necessary.


  • Promoting social distancing throughout the community, including moving to individual resident engagement activities.
  • Asking all residents to self-quarantine in their when possible and extensively limit their time in common areas of the community.
  • Facilitating social and emotional connections for our residents by arranging opportunities for virtual visits and phone conversations with families and loved ones


  • Training and retraining team members to help ensure that community teams are following the standards in our Infection Control and Prevention program, such as frequent handwashing, cleaning of high-touch surfaces, and other recommended hygiene measures. Team members have also been trained on proper use of personal protective equipment (PPE) and provided guidance on contact and airborne precautions.
  • Utilizing personal protective equipment (PPE) to support residents and team members; following CDC guidance on PPE preservation to ensure that our PPE levels continue to be sufficient.
  • Providing team members with masks to wear throughout the community at all times, and supporting residents who are able to wear them while care or support is being provided, as well. Team members wear full PPE, including masks, goggles, gloves, and gowns, while serving any residents experiencing symptoms and/or with a confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19.


Can I visit my loved one?

We ask that unless your visit is essential, you refrain from visiting at this time. We understand it’s difficult, but social distancing is proving to be one of the best ways to prevent the spread of the virus. Visitors can unknowingly spread the virus to their loved one and others in the building. We assist you and your family to connect with your loved one—through a phone call, video chat, or care package.

How are you keeping residents updated?

Executive Directors communicate consistently in weekly updates at a minimum with residents.

What if my loved one tests positive for COVID-19?

In the case of a positive test, you will be notified at once if your loved one shows any sign of any illness. We have procedures in place that begin with isolating the staff or resident and following CDC guidelines.

Does the community have enough supplies to care for my loved one?

We have emergency preparedness supplies and food to last for an extended period should it be needed.

Who can answer my questions at a community?

Our Executive Directors are always available to answer your questions. Contact your local community to speak with the ED. Also, check our COVID-19 website for updates.

Is Koelsch Communities accepting new residents?

Yes. As long as there is an available apartment, our communities are accepting new residents with protocols in place to keep them and others safe during the move-in process.

See our Accepting New Residents page.

Can I schedule a tour at a community?

Yes. We have set up virtual tours of our communities. Contact your local Koelsch Community to schedule a virtual tour.