Purpose Built Communities

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With Purpose


Each Distinctive Memory Care community is purposefully designed and built—every detail aimed at fashioning environments, rooms, and experiences that ignite happiness through reminiscence and specialized care.


Our Inspiration


Those who call Koelsch home are the inspiration for everything we create. Extra-wide hallways for barrier-free strolls, multiple dining experiences to accommodate care needs, sun-filled verandas, and lush garden terraces to explore; our ladies and gentlemen feel a unique sense of belonging everywhere they go.

Nationally Recognized

Memory Care Designed for Urban Settings


Reminiscence Sparking Memories


Intentionally placed time-specific elements adorn our community, pointing back to local history and scenic experiences–engaging residents at every turn. A lady or gentlemen encounters a classic car from their teenage years at Emmet’s garage or images of victory from their alma mater from decades past–each kindling unique memories of days gone by.

Historical Surprises® are a staple within Koelsch memory care.

Extra Wide Hallways

It Starts With Great Design

Our ladies and gentlemen enjoy staying on the move. With over 60 years serving seniors we have experienced this first hand, over and over. Utilizing our experience, we build all our memory care communities with extra-wide hallways to ensure each lady and gentleman can stroll throughout the community with ease. This may seem like a small thing to most; but to our residents this is very important–the details matter.

Shadow Boxes

Memories personalized

Displayed outside of every suite is a shadow box that showcases each person’s life story. Photographs, handwritten letters or postcards, trinkets and collectibles reminiscent of past experience make it easy for family, visitors, and resident assistants to connect personally with each resident.

Historical Surprises

Great memories

Throughout our community, secured curio cabinets exhibit small curiosities to stimulate memories of times past. Every item is specifically chosen and placed with care. These local and historical pieces encourage our ladies and gentlemen to revisit memories.


Club Room

Everyone is a member

Residents congregate to play games like Jenga and Scrabble, watch local and national sports while cheering on their teams with spirited rivalry, and relive stories of youthful shenanigans in our Club Room—where camaraderie inspires memory through friendship.


Living Room 

Better together

Individuals gather with each other and their visitors to watch a favorite show or cozy up with a good book beside the fire. Our living room ignites familial nostalgia and comfort, inspiring memories and creating a sense of belonging—of being home.



Gather around the table

Delectable meals are served three times a day in our two dining rooms—the Rose and the Ivy. With a balanced breakfast, light lunch, and hearty dinner, all of our residents nurture their health and energy so they can enjoy daily activities with friends. 


Jack’s Cabin


Swapping hunting stories or recalling camping adventures is commonplace in Jack’s Cabin. Named for Aaron and Judy’s youngest son, the cabin is rustic, warm, and inviting— just like Jack. We believe memories are best served in great environments with friends so, enjoy games and a crackling fire in this nostalgic hideout.


Emma’s 1950s Kitchen


Baking sweet treats or sitting around sipping iced tea never felt better than in Emma’s kitchen. Fashioned to resemble a 1950s kitchen, this hub of excitement is sure to help our ladies and gentlemen remember years gone by.

Interior Courtyard

Outdoor living – a beautiful refuge

Our community features a safe and fully-contained courtyard. Vegetable and flower gardening or quiet meditation provide solace and delight our ladies and gentlemen while they enjoy the sounds of the outdoors and a beautiful garden of flowers.


The wonder of water

Nothing soothes quite like the sounds of nature. Our friends can sit beside the bubbling water fountain in our Interior Courtyard and feel a sense of peace while interacting with other newfound pals and neighbors enjoying the serenity of the fountain.

Garden Beds 

Planting the seeds for growth

By providing hands-on gardening experiences, residents have access to consistent interaction with nature that will boost both their creativity and their health. Residents will be inspired to plant flowers in our community garden beds and watch them grow as they nurture their seeds with light and love.



A glamorous treat

Residents are pampered in our onsite salon, which is purposefully decorated with images of Hollywood icons from their era. It’s no secret that a good hair day can make all the difference and that’s just what our ladies and gentlemen will receive.


Sunroom – Veranda

No matter the weather, residents can find reprieve in our SunRoom. It’s never been more relaxing to be inside and outside at the same time. Fresh air pours in through secure, open windows with rocking chairs beckoning one to have a seat, tell a tale, and stay awhile.


Resident Service Desk

Gather around the table

The Resident Service Desk, situated in the center of our community, provides an open and welcoming space for our resident assistants to work on personalized care plans while staying connected and accessible to our residents.


Main Street

Take a walk down memory lane.

Seniors can explore the beautiful curiosities of Main Street where they’ll find a Post Office, Sophie’s Scoop, the Music Hall, Alice’s General Store, and Emmett’s Garage. From sweet treats to music, and even shopping, seniors have all of their senses awakened which sparks wonderful memories of times gone by.

Sophie’s Scoop

One scoop or two? 

Residents can enjoy a cool treat from our old fashioned ice cream shop, Sophie’s—named for Aaron and Judy’s youngest daughter will tantilize. In a cup or on a cone, there are a variety of flavors available to delight a person’s taste buds.

Post Office

Situated on Main Street, where the fun and busyness of errands and shopping meet, is the Post Office. Residents have the opportunity to write letters and send gifts to loved ones, delivering their envelopes and packages for mailing whenever they’re ready.

Music Hall

Music motivates and inspires us to work, to play, to dance, to love, to grieve, to worship, and to share stories—to remember. Music-lovers can visit the Music Hall to play piano and sing their favorite tunes, or serenade passersby as they journey down Main Street.


Alice’s General Store


Individuals can “make purchases” and take their items with them, creating a shopping experience they’ll want to repeat. Each evening, our caregivers collect the “bought” items and return them to the store so these individuals can discover the same joy again and again.

Model Rooms


Neighborhood Suite

Residents have the opportunity to live with a buddy in style with a shared bathroom dividing their bedrooms, offering additional privacy when desired. Living side-by-side and waking up to a familiar face inspires a sense of belonging and opens the door for new friendships.

Private Suite

Some of our more reserved ladies and gentlemen prefer a private suite to rest and recharge, unencumbered by social requests. These individuals enjoy the same amenities and experience the same level of care as their neighboring pals next door and down the hall. With a comfortable seating area for visitors in their suite, friends and family can easily spend quality alone time with their loved one.

Shared Suite

For individuals who are known social butterflies and enjoy having a roommate keep them company, our shared suites are the perfect option. These are designed for the international travelers who once jetsetted the world and have never met a stranger.

Private Deluxe Suite

This premium living space offers even more spaciousness. Some of our more reserved ladies and gentlemen prefer a private suite to rest and recharge, unencumbered by social requests. These individuals enjoy the same amenities and experience the same level of care as their neighboring pals next door and down the hall. With a comfortable seating area for visitors in their suite, friends and family can easily spend quality alone time with their loved one


Putting Security First

Our communities combine the most advanced safety systems with a well-trained staff that remains ever-vigilant to provide a safety-focused environment. Everything we do puts safety first-tensioned with a philosophy grounded in providing autonomy for our ladies and gentlemen.

24-hour staff available | Monitored entrances | 24-hour surveillance
Advanced fire security | Direct/priority access to emergency services
Regular safety training during associate meetings

Motion Sensors

Our licensed caregivers perform hourly checks on residents, but we have also installed Motion Sensors as an extra safety precaution. If there is movement at any hour, our 24/7 staff is alerted by the call panel. This alert allows us to maintain a resident’s privacy while also caring for them quickly, whenever there is a need.

Pull Cords

Throughout the community are lengthy pull cords that can be reached while standing or sitting and, when pulled, alert caregivers to a resident’s exact location. These pull cords work hand-in-hand with the call panel to notify caregivers. This notification allows our staff to be readily available whenever our ladies and gentleman may require unexpected assistance.

Window Sensors 

Security is paramount. Every window in our community has a sensor that notifies our staff if opened. Once again, these notifications are tied into our call center to ensure a quick response.


Call Panel


A safe living experience is top-of-mind at Koelsch. Our Call Panel is a safety feature designed to support residents with memory loss. Notifiers and sensors are placed throughout resident living spaces to assist in detecting when a resident is unsafe and alerting the appropriate care staff.


Key fob/code readers


We keep a keen eye on the comings and goings of anyone living on or visiting our properties. Not only are all of our communities gated, but every door and elevator require a key fob or code entry—granted only to caregivers and staff—to get outside or move between floors to best serve our ladies and gentleman.