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What is Senior Living?

Senior Living is the phrase we use to describe the many varieties of housing options and lifestyle choices available to our well-deserving older adults. Read

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What Is An Over 55 community?

A 55 and over community is a community that is specially designed for older adults with all of the most important considerations in mind. Read

What Are Senior Apartments? listing image

What Are Senior Apartments?

As older adults begin to think about how their retirement years will be best enjoyed while making the most of their time and resources, many seniors are now considering the option of senior apartments. Read

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Digital Estate Planning for Seniors

A Community Fit for a Princess. I stayed at The Park at Copper Creek for about 48 hours, presenting a digital estate planning class to the residents and then helping some of the interested residents get set up with Easeenet... Read

Erin McCuneEaseenet founder and CEO
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The Real Cost Comparison

Consider all the costs of homeownership – beyond the mortgage – for a true picture of affordability. And while you’re at it, why not compare those costs with the real costs of moving to a Koelsch community? Read

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We’ve heard since we were little that exercise was good for our hearts. Recent research shows it’s also good for our brains. And scientists are learning where you exercise may be just as important as the fact that you do it, especially where stress-reduction is concerned. Read

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Dr. John MedinaDevelopmental Molecular Biologist