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What Happens When One Spouse Goes into a Nursing Home?

Making the decision for a loved one to enter a nursing home is never easy. It's a complex process that involves emotional, financial, and legal considerations. At Koelsch Communities, we understand the challenges that you face. We have been providing mom-approved care since 1958, crafting environments in which your loved… Read

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Digital Estate Planning for Seniors

A Community Fit for a Princess. I stayed at The Park at Copper Creek for about 48 hours, presenting a digital estate planning class to the residents and then helping some of the interested residents get set up with Easeenet... Read

Erin McCuneEaseenet founder and CEO
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Caregiving Cost Comparison

65.7 million people provide unpaid care for an aging loved one on a routine basis. Almost one-third of family caregivers provide help for two people, typically elderly parents. From loss of wages to stress-related illnesses and exhaustion, caregiving takes a heavy toll. And it’s not easy for those receiving care… Read

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Veterans Benefit

The VA has a program to help Veterans and their surviving spouses receive the financial support necessary, to ensure their continuing care in an assisted living setting. Read