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A Community Fit for a Princess. I stayed at The Park at Copper Creek for about 48 hours, presenting a digital estate planning class to the residents and then helping some of the interested residents get set up with Easeenet...

Erin McCuneEaseenet founder and CEO
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Sharyn moved into The Park at Copper Creek just two weeks ago, but she’s already making friends with the staff and figuring out who will be her new quilting buddies. She’s one of the newer members of the community, but she also immediately struck up a conversation with me and made me feel welcome.

Of course, she wasn’t the only one– a kind couple, Bob and Ginette, welcomed me to their table at dinner and regaled me with stories of their lives together. Bob and Ginette told me, and many of the residents affirmed, that one of the reasons they chose Copper Creek was the food and because the resort-like atmosphere was similar to a “Cruise ship on land”– and I have to say, every dish I had was excellent. When I realized I’d left on the last day and forgot my leftover Margherita pizza from the fridge, I was sorely disappointed (they have a real pizza oven and everything!)

I stayed at The Park at Copper Creek for about 48 hours, presenting a digital estate planning class to the residents and then helping some of the interested residents get set up with Easeenet for their next of kin. Sharyn was one of those residents– finally moving from having her passwords in the notes section of her phone (it’s more common than you’d think!) to Easeenet’s password management & digital vault. 

When we started talking about digital estate planning, some of the residents were surprised to learn that their online life and their online accounts aren’t covered by their traditional estate planning. I started the session by showing the one minute video “Evolution of the desk”, and while that clip is already 8 years old, it presents a clear visual about how our offices have changed. Most of us now have more files online than we have in our offices, and don’t always realize that our next of kin won’t be able to find the information they need in the same ways they used to. Even if they have the legal rights to, if your loved ones don’t have your login credentials, they may not be able to gain access to your digital assets.

One woman seemed disappointed that the estate planning she’d already done wouldn’t give her executor full power over her social media and other online accounts. We’ve all grown accustomed to a will or durable power of attorney giving comprehensive power to our executor, but with RUFADAA, it’s important to specify who you want handling your digital estate, how they should access it, and make sure they know what you want to be done with each digital asset. 

After our digital estate planning class, I spent some time touring the community at Copper Creek. They have a woodworking shop and a theater, in addition to the arts and crafts room and the amenities (like a pool) that you might expect. They have a well-appointed library and a common space with a billiards table.

In addition to their expansive dining room, where attentive waiters provide table service, they also offer a Bistro during the day, with a Starbucks coffee machine, ice cream, and beer and wine, plus a lunchtime menu. My favorite bistro meal was an apple and walnut salad, topped with grilled salmon, yum!

Cyndi, Copper Creek’s executive director, made sure that I felt at home from the moment I arrived, and my room was so nice that I felt a bit like a princess. There was a welcome note waiting for me outside the door, and the spacious room was well-designed and homey. Every member of the staff noticed me, learned my name, and ensured that my needs were met.

While I am not anxious to age any faster, I greatly enjoyed my time at Copper Creek, and I welcome my next visit to their community– even if I do have to wait until I’m 55!

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