Memory care is not an afterthought. It’s our only thought.


Our specialized community is designed with daily living in mind. Our environments and personalized senior care model reconnect your loved ones to their cherished memories—helping to create a deep sense of purpose for them. Welcome to distinctive memory care at The Hampton and Ashley Inn.


Is a Memory Care Community the right choice?


Memory loss manifests itself differently in each person and we recognize the challenges faced. This specialized community, The Hampton and Ashley Inn is near medical facilities (Molina Healthcare of Washington and other medical professionals) equipped to serve the specific needs of older adults experiencing Alzheimer’s, Dementia, and other forms of memory loss.


Why Koelsch for Dementia Care


The ongoing care of your loved one is a choice of trust, not to be taken lightly. Koelsch strives to serve our seniors and their families with respect and compassion, while providing the best possible care.

Family owned and operated Senior Living for over 60 years.

Family Legacy

We are proud of the legacy we call family.

Emmett and Alice Koelsch began in 1958 with a nursing home in Kelso, Washington. Emmett and Alice instilled in their five children the philosophy: “Treat each resident with the respect and dignity they deserve.”


Their legacy solidified the values for Koelsch Senior Living Communities.


Our Senior Care Services Focus On Dignity


Our assisted living and memory care focused community offers an individual, personalized senior care model so that our assisted living residents enjoy abundant attention and recognition.

We’re changing the stigmas of healthcare through Humanitude® techniques to provide quality long term care for our ladies and gentlemen.

Our personalized techniques for every level of care include:


Gaze techniques provide healthy emotional sensations.


The right tone sets the foundation for communication.


Touch is essential for quality senior care services.


Engaging at eye level.


Enriching Life


The seven pillars of Living Well®

Helping individuals experience moments of joy and connection during daily activities. Enabling our residents to live a life of purpose.


Personalized musical experiences promote cognitive function.


Personalized creative expression and experience.


Connecting with nature.


Expression of faith.

Mind & Body

Our thoughts, feelings, and attitudes impact the clarity of our mind. 

Living Well® personalizes exercises for each individual.

Friends & Family

Every person served in our senior community is treated as one of our own.


Living Well® in a retirement community promotes a sense of purpose.


Experience Koelsch Dining / Engage the senses


Advanced Security For Dementia Care


Our communities combine advanced safety systems with a well-trained staff, helping to give residents and family members peace of mind.


Throughout the community are lengthy pull cords that can alert caregivers to a resident’s exact location.

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At The Hampton and Ashley Inn,

we explore beautiful Vancouver, Washington for exciting things to do and see. We might have breakfast at Valerie’s on a Monday to enjoy a stack of pancakes or drop into Reliques Marketplace to treasure hunt every other Thursday. There is always something fun to see at OMSI, just a short distance from The Hampton Ashley Inn.

Angie Roush Executive Director
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