Care Model

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Personalized Care


At Koelsch the details matter. When it comes to caring, we personalize every facet of life for your loved one to help life be lived to the fullest. From medical assessment to meal planning we take note– desiring the best for each of our ladies and gentlemen.

Our attentive personnel takes a concierge approach–carefully learning the likes and dislikes of each individual. From music preference to favorite excursions, we take pride in learning the personality and taste of each resident.


Benefits of 24-7 On-Site Licensed Nursing

No Compromise


Having licensed nurses on-site 24-hours a day offers many advantages to community residents. From medication management to individual care plans, licensed nurses provide resident tailored care, and are always available if a concern arises.


Healthy Lifestyle

Monthly Health & Wellness Clinic

Arranging a time with a nurse to get even your most straightforward questions answered sometimes seems to take forever. Koelsch solves that problem by providing a monthly health & wellness clinic. A licensed nurse will be available to answer questions and help you work towards a healthier lifestyle.

  • Vital signs check-in
  • Medication review
  • Podiatry visit
  • Q&A healthcare topics
  • Diabetic consultation
  • Healthy weight monitoring

Our Focus is You.


The clinic will also offer educational information to help you navigate health changes:

Many times, a good conversation with a professional nurse can help alleviate anxiety over health challenges, help us understand specific symptoms, and provide the independence we need to make decisions and remain healthy.

  • Medication lists and how to manage them
  • How to self-monitor your blood pressure
  • Immunizations and keeping up to date with vaccines
  • POLST forms. Why have one? Who should have it? How does it coordinate with my advanced directives?
  • Recognizing cardiac symptoms
  • How to identify and treat diabetes? What are the typical symptoms?
  • Caring for your aging skin
  • Learn how to use medical equipment (blood sugar kits, oxygen concentrators, nebulizers, etc.)
  • Q&A on aging options such as assisted living, memory care, or skilled nursing
  • Fall prevention
  • Medical terminology explained
  • Essential oils and herbal supplements
  • Alternative health care practices
  • Top 25 Documents everyone should have
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