Memory care is not an afterthought.
It’s our only thought.


Reminiscence is a powerful way to connect with those living with a form of dementia, Alzheimer’s, or memory loss. Our specialized community environments and personalized care model reconnect your loved ones to their cherished memories—helping to create a deep sense of purpose for them. At Koelsch, your loved one’s uniqueness is honored as a lady or gentleman served by ladies and gentlemen.

Welcome to Distinctive Memory Care.


Is this the right choice?


Memory loss manifests itself differently in each person and we recognize the challenges faced by families when deciding whether it is time to move a loved one into a memory care community. 

Our dementia care communities (specialized assisted living community) and specially trained staff members focus solely on the care of each person, no matter the level of care needed. Memory care services cater to those with a diagnosis of Dementia, Alzheimer’s, or memory loss—providing much needed social connection, specific care techniques, 24/7 on-site nurses, and family support while caring for your loved one.


Why Koelsch


The ongoing care of your loved one is a choice of trust, not to be taken lightly. Koelsch’s commitment to building trust with each family continues to be the cornerstone for our communities. We provide a senior living advisor to ensure your family gets exactly what your loved one needs.

Family owned and operated for over 60 years.


Emmett and Alice Koelsch began in 1958 with the Old Monticello Hall—a nursing home in Kelso, Washington. The family took residence in the basement of the home and growing up, each member of the Koelsch household was trained in all facets of quality seniors living care–benefiting from the rich relationships developed with their senior residents in the community. Emmett and Alice instilled in their five children the philosophy:

“Treat each resident with the respect and dignity they deserve.”


Their legacy solidified the values and mission of Koelsch Communities that still exist today.


We are proud of the legacy we call family.


Extending Dignity


Providing dignity is the foundation of everything we do at Koelsch. We’re changing the stigmas of healthcare through industry-leading philosophies and techniques including staff training in Humanitude®.


Gaze techniques lead to a positive recognition of the other person providing healthy emotional sensations.


We highlight soft, calm, and melodious tones leading to love, tenderness, and self-worth.


Hands are an essential communication tool for relation and care.


Being physically upright empowers care recipients to recognize that they are at the same level as their caregivers.


Enriching Life


Each day, enriching life begins anew through the seven pillars of Living Well® 

Helping individuals experience moments of joy and connection. Enabling people to live a life of purpose.


Connecting with nature creates a calm and more balanced living environment.


Experiencing art forms rejuvenates the mind.


Expression of faith can play a significant role.

Mind & Body

Our thoughts, feelings, and attitudes strengthen or weaken our body; and our physical fitness directly impacts the clarity of our mind.

Friends & Family

Community and family are both deep values of the Koelsch family. Every person served in our community is treated as one of our own—a part of the family.

Living Well® incorporates uniquely designed exercises for both the mind and the body.


Socially-connected people are happier and healthier. A full calendar is how Living Well® promotes a sense of purpose.


As cognitive needs increase, personalized musical experiences play an important role in shifting mood, stimulating positive interactions, and facilitating cognitive function.


Experience Koelsch Dining

At Koelsch,

we cater to the special needs of those living with a form of dementia, Alzheimer’s, or memory loss. Our restaurant-style services include made from scratch meals that deliver nutrition and enjoyment in every bite. From food selection to service ware, we focus on the details.




Our communities combine advanced safety systems with an engaging environment that focuses on security for senior housing. We put safety first, balanced with a focus on providing autonomy for our ladies and gentlemen.

Motion Sensors


If there is movement at any hour, our 24/7 staff is alerted. This alert allows us to maintain a resident’s privacy while also caring for them quickly whenever needed.

Pull Cord


Throughout the community are lengthy pull cords that can be reached while standing or sitting to alert caregivers to a resident’s exact location and notify our staff.

Window Sensor


Security is paramount. Window sensors are a great way to notify our staff around the clock of any changes. Once again, these notifications are tied into our call center to ensure a quick response.




At Koelsch, we believe in getting out and exploring for exciting things to do and see in a well-structured excursion. We might have lunch at a diner or visit the local library as a group. During the activities of daily living, there is always something fun to see when out and about with your pals.

We Create Happiness by Providing the Finest Living Experiences Anywhere.

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