Culinary Creativity

Maple Glen chefs shape food into forms more appealing to those in advanced states of dementia.

Culinary Creativity image

Northbrook Inn Chef Keyva S. Linton and Maple Glen Chef Adrian Arias recently welcomed Chicago Sun-Times Columnist Neil Steinberg for a behind-the-scenes look at a key pillar of the Koelsch Innovation Lab – our homegrown Purees with Purpose™ program.

As seniors age, their ability to consume food declines. This is especially pertinent among individuals living with Alzheimer’s and dementia. Recognizing the difficulties many of our memory care residents face, we crafted a diet that is completely pureed, yet looks, tastes and smells like the dishes they are modeled after.

Steinberg’s column dives into the need for pureed meals and the impact they can have on residents’ lives. As Executive Director Jen Pasternak said, “Food holds memories…We reminisce about things we were eating as kids. It brings happiness.” Read the Chicago Sun-Times column here.


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