What Is An Over 55 community?

A 55 and over community is a community that is specially designed for older adults with all of the most important considerations in mind.

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It describes the many varieties of housing options and lifestyle choices available to our well-deserving seniors when they are considering where they would like to live in their retirement years. These communities offer plenty of low-stress environments for optimal Independence and freedom as well as assistance and care that may be needed. 

Sometimes these decisions are being carefully made with the help of loved ones or family members who are now looking at different types of senior care options and services. Oftentimes, active adults who are 55 years plus are looking for different retirement community options and ways they can enjoy their retirement. 

55 and over communities typically include options such as apartment-style living that are private within a building that has common gathering areas or a mobile home park, or maybe even single-family homes that have more of a neighborhood feel. 

55 and over communities will typically have age restrictions and minimum requirements though some communities will allow provisions for a family member who is younger than 55 to also live there as well. It is important to look into the rules and regulations of each individual senior living community to see which one most fits your lifestyle preferences and needs.

How Does A 55 and Over Community Work?

The modern 55 and over senior living experience provides a large variety of options, quality care, independent and assisted living, based on your needs, and lots of social connections with adventures for those seeking an active lifestyle who also want to focus on their health and wellness. Active adult communities will typically have some kind of board or directors in place to help provide their best care of residents. 

Though an apartment may be rented or a condominium, townhouse, or single-family home can be purchased, there will often be restrictions or common bylaws that are to be adhered to. Things such as rules regarding non-residents, pet allowances or restrictions, visitations, and overnight stays as well as a maximum number of occupants in a dwelling area. 

Pets are often welcome in 55 and over communities as our furry friends bring some of the best-added enjoyment to our lives. There are usually size limitations and possibly breed limitations so it is best to check with the community you are interested in. 

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55 and over communities can have different focuses as well depending on the amenities and levels of care someone needs. These will typically fall into the categories of independent living or assisted living. 

Independent living is for active senior adults who are looking for a maintenance-free lifestyle with plenty of social connecting opportunities and activities to enjoy. While they may provide access to professional licensed nurses to answer questions and can help residents work towards healthy lifestyle goals, they will typically not be providing any form of actual medical care. 

Assisted living offers a refined independent lifestyle with all the assistance that may be needed and provides specialized community environments with personalized care models. Seniors who are not able to, or who choose not to live independently, can enjoy all the comforts of home with a maintenance-free lifestyle of comfort, safety, and connection in an assisted living community. 

55 Plus Community Amenities

There are a lot of exciting and helpful amenities that can be offered in a 55 and over community. Amenities include a stress-free lifestyle with all the comforts of home provided without the concerns of housekeeping, cooking, yard upkeep, or home repairs. Abundant choices are available to accommodate retirement dreams. 

Most communities will provide activities and educational programs to accommodate the desire for social connection through the adventures of shared interests. Enthusiasm for things such as art, golf, continuing education, strategy-based games, travel, outdoor exploration, and shopping can be easily enjoyed independently or with peers who share your interest. Daily, weekly, and monthly scheduled activities can be a highlight for any 55 and over community resident. 

Secure property and community grounds with well-lit walking trails and locked entry and exit ways is another added benefit. Some communities may offer a swimming pool or Spa, Salon or Barber Shop, dining Halls, fitness centers, game rooms, and transportation services to local shopping, restaurants, and appointments. 

Assisted living communities for 55 and over adults will also provide personalized care models and specialized environments to care for and help with residents and activities of daily living (ADLs). Other 55 and over communities can be focused and centered around a specific interest or activities such as golf courses, near a lake or boating club, or maybe a particular religious affiliation or geographical location.

The Benefits Of Living In A 55 Plus Community

Some of the benefits of living in a 55 and over community are the levels of care provided, the wide variety of adventures to be experienced, and the amount of Independence or assistance someone needs. It can be very helpful to think ahead and prepare for the future by considering how many times you would like to move in your senior years and have the opportunity to be thinking forward about what type of neighborhood or community you would like to be in an older adult. 

Senior-friendly design features like walk-in showers, lower kitchen cabinets, handrails in bathrooms, stairless housing options, and single-floor living arrangements can be very accommodating. 55 and over communities also offer the added benefits of maintenance-free living with plenty of opportunities to enjoy socializing and building relationships with neighbors. 

Important Things To Consider when choosing your community

Some important things to consider when looking for a 55 and over community are budget, setting and location, amenities that are most important, and the local city. There are typically three categories of 55 and over communities, low income, market rate, and luxury. 

It is important to take into consideration how much money you or a loved one would like to spend upfront and/or monthly and does that include the ability to pay for HOA fees? What is the setting and location type of a particular community and how does that fit into your preference for a quiet neighborhood feel or a more active city environment? It is also important to know which kinds of amenities you would most enjoy and appreciate. 

Some communities will also have a combination of independent living, assisted living, and memory care facilities available all located near each other for a continuing care environment. This can be particularly helpful to assist in reducing the number of times you will need to move housing locations.

Taking the time to visit and tour some 55 and over community options that are appealing to you is a very important step to making a decision of whether or not to move to a 55 and over community. Many questions can be answered by speaking with the community representative and also asking residents who currently live in a 55 and over community about the things they enjoy most about their home. 

A 55 and over community can be an excellent choice for you depending on the things you are interested in and looking for in your retirement years.

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